Studio Lore


Sustainability was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of value pillars to build Strange and Nature. With 'nature' being literally in the name, it's not hard to imagine that wanting to create and live more symbiotically with the Earth would be something important to me. These are the ways that I've learned (so far) to implement this value.

Learning and Sharing

When it comes to creating art, creating waste is unavoidable, but I am always striving to find ways to do the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, & recycle) in a tangible, reachable, and real way. One of the most important things in this regard is the learn from others, and then share what you learn. It's important to be critical without being unkind to the more abstract solutions that companies may provide, such as "planting a tree for every order made" or "cleaning carbon emissions". What do these even mean? Where are these trees planted? Can you see them throughout time via Google Satellite? How does one clean carbon? What are companies that have proven to do this?
I honestly don't know! So, I am not going to promise to do those things. I do promise to keep others informed on what I do learn, and the solutions that I do find to work. I also promise to continue learning, sharing, and growing the studio based on positive real steps.


To me, the history of the materials that come into the studio is just as important as what I may choose to do with it. The majority of our products feature an element of something upcycled — from our rescued blank shirts to the leather and wool scraps that we use for accessories. Everything has a story, and I'm interested in what the story of something is before I ever even see it as well as what happens after it leaves me.


Quality in work is another way we strive to be both ethical & sustainable. Creating work that’s high quality & devoid of errors is a way to ensure that it is long-lasting.


One of the many ways we combat waste in production is by handling the majority of printing services in-house. Again, we never use drop shipping methods. Everything is either pre-made or handmade within our shop here in Seattle, WA.
Because of our commitment to quality, we are very picky when it comes to who manufactures our stickers, keychains, and other odds & ends. We use StickerMule for these needs. Their stickers, for instance, are fade-resistant, water-resistant, and weather-resistant for up to 5 years.

2023 UPDATE:

However, due to their business practices over the last few years, we have since stopped doing business through them and are currently only creating in-house. This goes for ALL things from this brand including packaging and adhesive solutions.

In addition to this, we do low-number print runs to ensure nothing goes to waste. For instance; we will only order 50 vinyl sticker prints of any design and only 10 of each keychain.
Many print shops offer incentives and discounts for larger orders, which is understandable to take advantage of. However, choosing to go with smaller print runs ensures quality control, inventory control, and waste management.


Image of the Strange in Nature custom tape pattern.
Example of our custom tape.
Our custom packaging tape is printed on paper with a water-based adhesive therefore, it is 100% recyclable. This tape is printed by our partner StickerMule.
An example of our packaging
An example of the package you'll receive your order in.
We are currently phasing out our plastic packaging, which is recyclable in some areas. This plastic packaging is going to be replaced with our cardboard upcycling project. This is possible through our local BuyNothing Group on Facebook (I encourage you to join yours) where we can pick up lightly used packaging materials & cardboard boxes through our neighbors.
Image of each of our packages.
Example of all our packaging.