What's this about?

The pole project is a creative movement that began all the way in Newburyport, MA, on the exact opposite coast from myself. I saw posts about the portpoleproject on Instagram back in early 2020 by Black Adder Press. After a few weeks I contacted him and asked if I could start a Seattle chapter. He was more than happy to welcome me aboard!

Since that exchange; I have been creating art in various mediums including block print, cross-stitch, and painting, packaging the art and putting it out with labels on street poles around Seattle. There are ways I try to maximize the reach within the Seattle area though! For example; since the main area I am able to put up art happens to be my own neighborhood, I think it’s fun to meet up with friends, and create art together that we then put out around our unique neighborhoods.

Beyond the community and social good purposes, the creator is not confined to one day to pass out art, for instance, like with Freeartfriday.  You also don’t have to hide the art, and make it a social media game. I like knowing my art it’s always found by someone who wants it- no matter who they are, or what they may or may not have. Art is healing for the creator, viewer, and owner, and projects like this link our community together, making them stronger.

Wanna join the Pole Project movement?

Download the free resources below to help you get started, or get creative and make your own entirely from scratch! This download is a ZIP folder that includes:
text prompts, outlined printable files, safety tips, instructions, and more!

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