Welcome to the #seapoleproject

Where it all started...

This entire project is all thanks to Blackadderpress based in Newburyport, Ma.
I saw his posts during the beginning of the pandemic, and was inspired by the no-strings-attached method of making art accessible in this way. The very basis of the portpoleproject, in the words of BAP himself, is 'it is a creative movement rooted in the principle that public displays of kindness & generosity are the rich soil in which communities grow.'

That is a mindset I highly identify with, when I reached out about starting my own chapter of the project, I was delighted that he was so excited and accepting of my involvement!

The Seattle Chapter

Coming soon

Some #seapoleproject "rules"

No one is in charge or anything, but these are things I like to keep in mind/emphasize

Be Safe

Safety is always 1st and key. Try not to go out alone, or in the dark when putting out your art!

No Pressure

Never ever ever feel like you have to meet some sort of quota when putting your art out, or like there needs to be any hard set of rules. This is meant to be a fun way to share with members of the community and is not meant to be strict.

Not a Scavenger Hunt

Try not to hide your art somewhere it can't be found or can only be found through clues. The purpose of this isn't to create a game out of it, but anonymously leave out art for others. However, you can leave a business card or an indicationof the hashtag and share it being found if they do, especially if they reach out.
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Need help getting started with the #SEAPOLEPROJECT ?

In Seattle and want to join in on the seapoleproject, but don't quite know how to get started? I've created a free ZIP folder with printables and text prompts to help you get started!

If you live somewhere else and would like printable resources made for your specific project, reach out and we can work something out. Same for anyone local who needs these files printed for them.

Last, but not least... if you feel like supporting or donating specifically to this project, i've made a Ko-fi just for that purpose. Linked below.