Ending a long-time relationship

Strange in Nature was founded on principles of ethical practices which include equal and fair pay, sustainability, accessibility, and positive In honor of continuing to uphold these standards and ethics that I've placed, I have made the decision to cut ties with one of my only vendors, StickerMule.

The first things I offered in my shop were actually
I used their services in the past to create my packaging, keychains, and stickers. I even had a shirt printed by them once to test how that would look. It juggled the quality of the product, *particularly the stickers* against my own personal feelings about the company. However, I recently came across a few articles that really disturbed me, and I can no longer justify giving them any more of my money or time (literally, I had Google block their ads so I don't even see those "sweet" rug pull deals anymore).

It is important to me that businesses I work with have some level of standard when it comes to how they treat their employees, and their customer base... ESPECIALLY when an order is messed up...intentional or not.

This is meant to be a cancelation, but an explanation of why I am choosing to end a relationship. Some businesses (small and large) set examples of how you want yours to run, others do the exact opposite. The latter is the case here.

I believe knowledge is power, therefore, if you'd like to see the relevant links & articles I found I have provided them here:

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