October 19 2022 update

Update #2

Hello agaiiiiiin! Yeeeeeeah! I'm not "on the date" with this weekly update, but dang it! I achieved the "weekly" part. Hahaha! I'm excited for what's coming up and I hope you are too!

Studio News:

Website Redesign -- The phases of my redesign have been going really well. The first was to basically make sure the website was intact, full of useful information, and that everything listed was exactly right. During phase 2 I will be opening my print shop and doing small print jobs for clients that larger/other print shops usually turn away. I aim to make sure clients feel comfortable knowing they can get anything they need printed in a safe space & get quality work that won't break the bank. Phase 3 is when I intend to roll out full design services, with the same intentions :)


The Capitol Hill Art Walk -- Last Thursday was the Capitol Hill Art Walk, and it was absolutely fabulous to get to be out! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support myself and the other artists! As a reminder; my art set up in the Capitol Thrill Gallery  ALL month.

     This Sunday's Market -- I'll be in West Seattle with the Makers Art Market and it is going to be awesome, but also, I wanted to just make aware that it may rain! I have a 4-wall 10x10 tent, and have been taking precautions to prepare. So, just know as long as the event is going on, we will be rocking! However, if you can't make it; the following Sunday (Nov 5) we will be out there, but at the Alki Bathhouse :)

    Community Reach:

    For Local Creators -- *repost* Speaking of markets, are you a small artist/business in the Seattle area that might benefit from a live Google Document of upcoming events? All that is asked is that you also contribute or let me know when you hear of a new event so I can add it! Reach out on IG @strangeinnature if you're interested.

    stay strange,

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