Carbon Neutral Shipping Practices

Climate change? Okay, but what is Carbon Neutral?

Climate change is not only real, but it's at our front door. In the last decade, large companies have done their best to figure out faster shipping methods, but at a major cost to our environment. The carbon being released into the atmosphere from trucks & planes working to deliver packages in 2 days or less has been detrimental to our world. However, with a little time, work, and a slight up cost; it IS possible for all of us to come together and zero out our eCommerce orders.

What Are We Doing?

  • First, working to remove all plastic from our shipping practices. Currently, part of what we do is reuse packaging materials from our own shipments and from neighbors in our neighborhood. Some of these gifted materials include sheets of bubble wrap and other plastics.
  • In addition to reused packaging materials, we also use recyclable poly mailers. These are purchased in small orders of multiple sizes to ensure everything shipped is making the 'correct' impact. I have also designed one side of the bag to have a full illustration spanning the bag so that it can also double as an art piece if needed. 
  • Shipping is fast from our store, but not "overnight" fast. For 99% of orders, I use a 3–5-day delivery window. If you need something quicker, however, I am happy to get it to you faster at a small extra cost that goes towards our Carbon Emissions Offset Parter.


What Can You Do?

Well, simple! When you're making orders online, make sure that your:
  • order is exactly how you intend it with the correct variations, quantities, and items! 
  • shipping information is correct. Sometimes websites autofill shipping addresses with the billing address, just look over your information before ordering to make sure everything is -- well, in order! 

Worry not though! One thing I like to do is actually hold off on order fulfilments for an hour or two, so if any mistake does happen, just reach out and I'll make it right for you!

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