Leather 101

Leather 101

Our Leather's Story

The leather used in products at Strange in Nature has come a long way to reach our studio. The origins of this leather take place in a family-owned tannery in Chicago, Horween, who has over a century of experience creating some of the highest quality leather in the world. From there, the leather is purchased by a small business that hand makes their shoes ethically and sustainably. What isn't used by this company, Aurora Shoes, is then sold as bundles to other creators.

This is where Strange in Nature finally steps in. We purchase these leftovers and use them to create art with them. With these purchases we've been able to create our own shoes, wallets, trays, bags, straps, and more.

If you have any kind of project that you'd like created with our leather, reach out anytime! 

     skull leather broochcandy leather broochRest in peace booch


Leather Care

General Pro Trips:
  • Regularly let your leather air out and clean with a soft brush or cloth
  • Blot away moisture or water as soon as possible
  • Never use a machine to wash your leather
  • Likewise, never use one to dry it, or a blow-dryer, etc
  • No ironing :)

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Learn more about ethical leather consumption:

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