Not much to say today! I'm going through a bit of a slow time due to a tooth infection. I hope you are all doing well! 
  • This is the Final Week -- This is the final week to see my work at the Capitol Thrill gallery. 
  • Some Finished Pages -- are available to view! Particularly the event page, about, various blogs, etc. It's not much but I like where it's headed!
  • *Repost* Are You a Local Artist Looking for Markets? -- If you are a small artist/business in the Seattle area that might benefit from a live Google Document of upcoming events? All that is asked is that you also contribute or let me know when you hear of a new event so I can add it! Reach out on IG @strangeinnature if you're interested.
  • *Repost* The phases of my redesign -- have been going really well. The first was to basically make sure the website was intact, full of useful information, and that everything listed was exactly right. During phase 2 I will be opening my print shop and doing small print jobs for clients that larger/other print shops usually turn away. I aim to make sure clients feel comfortable knowing they can get anything they need printed in a safe space & get quality work that won't break the bank. Phase 3 is when I intend to roll out full design services, with the same intentions :)

as always... stay strange,


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