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Free Download - Vendor Supplies Checklist

By Krista O'Halpin

Why create a vendor supplies checklist?

Well, if you've ever done a market as a small business / creator, then you know how daunting the experience can be. Just like packing for a vacation, things can become overwhelming and oftentimes small, but important, items get forgotten. Depending on the season, weather, or how much you use an item, it can be easy to overlook things, or even just not know where to start with your preparations. I created a vendor supplies checklist of items that I've found to be helpful during the short time I've been vending at markets. Of course, mileage may vary on exactly what one needs, but I hope this vendor supplies checklist will at least serve as a guide to help you prepare for markets in a way that's less of a headache.
If there are any changes you'd like to see made to this list, or a customized one for your needs, then I have no problem facilitating that for you! Also, if you have Notion, I can link you to this checklist for you to duplicate and edit yourself! Please just don't claim it as your own, or sell it!
This download contains a ZIP folder of the checklist, and a printer-friendly copy.
Download the Vendor Supplies Checklist
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Markets are a lot of fun, and they're a great way to connect with the community, other artists, and fans of your work. While that can make one nervous, I do hope that this helps you ease some of that market day stress that you may be feeling. I believe in you! You got this! 
As always, remember to stay strange,
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