Tutorial: Hanging Packaging for Bandanas, Towels, etc.

Hanging Packaging Tutorial

This hanging packaging tutorial is ideal for bandanas, tea towels, neck scarves, and other things you might create! I have been searching for a way to create my own packages for the bandanas that I print. However, of course, I wanted to make sure it was sustainable and, if possible, something I could do myself. I was out shopping one day when I bought a tea towel with this package design. I drafted a pattern based on what I saw and what I made worked out perfectly for my needs. If you're looking for a sustainable hanging packaging solution for your small business, school project, etc, then this is for you! One 8.5" x 11" page of craft paper can create two of these hanging packaging! Have fun with the branding because you can use anything from printed labels to linocut stamps! 

Supplies Needed

8.5" x 11" Craft Paper
Hole puncher
Ruler (Optional)
Bone Tool (Optional, just helps with folds and creases)
Whatever you need to brand your package (Optional)
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Step 1: Cut the 8.5" x 11" craft paper in half longways (hotdog fold), creating two short, but long (4.25" x 11") rectangles. 
Step 2: Fold one of the rectangles in half longways with a bone tool (slimmer hotdog)
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Step 3: Use a hole puncher to make a hole in the middle of the folded paper (use a ruler for accuracy), making sure to go through both layers of the craft paper.
Step 4: Grab your second rectangle (or a ruler) and center the punched hole.
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Step 5: Using the sides of the other rectangle to keep lines straight (or a ruler) draw two lines down the center of the paper.
Step 6: Now, using the long side of the second rectangle, draw two horizontal lines from the edges to meet the vertical lines.
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Step 7: Cut both sides of the folded craft paper along the lines you just created.
Step 8: Unfold/Open up everything and it should look like this!
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Step 9: Using the bone tool again, fold the ends inwards until they meet.
Step 10: Cut a few small slits into the folded ends. Two on the bottom left, and two on the bottom right (where the ends meet)
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Step 11: Put your product down, centered in the arms but a higher than halfway.
Step 12: Fold the tiny arms over the product and connect the slits together.
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Step 13: Fold over the craft paper, and ta-da! It is self-sealing and hangs with ease!
Optional Step: Write, print, stamp, draw, place a sticker, etc your product information, or anything else you like to complete your packaging!

Summing Up

In the future, I may put together a video of myself demonstrating the construction of this package tutorial. It will most likely be on Youtube. However, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, are stuck, or anything else, never hesitate to reach out, and I will absolutely do my best to assist! I would also love to hear if you know of any other hanging packing tutorials that would be great to try.
I am also interested in seeing what you create, so feel free to tag me or send me a photo and I'll upload the example to this page!
Stay strange out there,
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