Update #6

Update #6

In the Works:

Shirts -- I'm really excited to announce that I found some American Apparel blanks that still have tags on them! They are all from a sample sale so I'll have to figure out sizes, appropriate art to put on them, the quantity of each sample, etc. I think all-in-all I was able to get a total of 7 pieces! I can't wait to upcycle these. 


Virtual Exhibition -- *repost* The 'My Body My Choice' bandana I created over the summer has been selected for a virtual exhibit - Responding to the Overturn of Roe V. Wade hosted by Anthropology of Motherhood. 

    Community Reach:

    For Local Creators -- *repost* Speaking of markets, are you a small artist/business in the Seattle area that might benefit from a live Google Document of upcoming events? All that is asked is that you also contribute or let me know when you hear of a new event so I can add it! Reach out on IG @strangeinnature if you're interested.

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