The #seapoleproject

What is this about?

Simply put: The poleproject is a creative movement rooted in the principle that public displays of kindness & generosity are the rich soil in which communities grow.'

This is an example of one of Blackadderpress's free art drops with the portpoleproject

History Behind the Project

This entire project is all thanks to BlackAdderPress, who is based in Newburyport, Ma, where he started the portpoleproject. I saw his posts during the pandemic, and was inspired by his spirit and the very basis of what the portpoleproject was all about. In addition, the no-strings-attached method of making art accessible in this way is something I was able to jump into right away with. Seattle's local community also works in a way that something like this would be accepted, which I also found encouraging.

The motto of the portpoleproject in the words of BAP himself, is 'it is a creative movement rooted in the principle that public displays of kindness & generosity are the rich soil in which communities grow.'

That is a mindset I highly identified with, so I reached out about starting my own chapter of the project, I was delighted that he was so excited and accepting of my involvement! Thus, the seapoleproject was born!

Want to participate?

Do you live Seattle and want to join the seapoleproject but don't quite know how to get started?

I'm creating a free ZIP folder with printables and text prompts to help you get started with your drops! If you're elsewhere, they can also serve as a basis to create your own or just reach out and I'll make some customized ready-to-print files for you!

The official unofficial


Be safe out there!

Above all else,yoursafety is key. Putting out art isn't particularly dangerous or anything, but it's always nice to have a buddy along. I recommend putting art out in the daytime only, and in a place that you know has a lot of foot traffic (which just ensures that it will be picked up).

It's NOT a scavenger hunt!

Try not to hide your art somewhere it can't be found or can only be found through clues. The purpose of this isn't to create a game out of it, but anonymously leave out art for others. However, you can leave a business card or your poleproject's hashtag (i.e. #seapoleproject) and share that the art was found if they reach out.

While I cannot speak for the other poleproject chapters, the seapoleproject is not a scavenger hunt. Meaning, do not hide the art and post clues. The idea of this project is to create equal art accessibility, and certainly not waste. This is why choosing an area with a lot of foot traffic is best. It is sure to be seen, picked up, and loved.

If you're interested in participating in a scavenger hunt type game, I recommend Game of Shrooms, a yearly art scavenger hunt revolving around mushroom art :)

There is no schedule!

There are certainly projects around, like Free Art Friday, where people put art out on a certain day. Not the poleproject! This is no-obligation-when-and-if-you-can-and-want type of project. That's part of what drew me to it, in fact. I saw it as a way to help with my social anxiety while doing something I loved, sharing art with others. So don't stress, and be kind to yourself :)

No minimum quota

Never ever ever feel like you have to meet some sort of quota when putting your art out, or like there needs to be any hard set of rules. This is meant to be a fun way to share with members of the community and is not meant to be strict.

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